About Us


WOW was birthed from PastorDenise A. Bethea, President.  It was birthed from a desire to bring all women, including young ladies and teens together to spiritually encourage one another through various means such as: Chat N' Chews, Ladies Day Out, Girls Night Out, Ladies Group sessions, programs, and fun-filled events.  God gave Pastor Denise this vision to reach out to ladies in all walks of life to show them the love of Jesus through the gift of Evangelism and just being a Sister in Christ Jesus.  Having come through many trials, tests, and challenges herself, Pastor Denise believes that there are many young ladies and adult women alike who can be encouraged further when we come collectively together to share. It doesn't stop there.  We are pouring back into our youth.  We are mentoring girls through our GEMS Dance Outreach Mentoring Program.  They are God's Girls!  Teaching them that they can yield their bodies at an early age unto the Lord for His Glory.  


Our Newest Outreach Ministry is our "PamperMe" Young Ladies with Babies.  We pamper the young mothers with love and words of encouragement, personal and spiritual training with biblical emphasis and pertinent information whether it be housing, food assistance, and other recommendations for a safe place for them and their children. We provide the young ladies with a "PamperMe Gift bag of nice toiletries while we pamper their babies with pampers, bibs, bottles, washcloths, etc. You are welcome to donate to our endeavors.  More information for donations on our PamperMe Young Ladies page.

Our Young Ladies of Purpose (YLOP) are mentored as well as the PamperMe Young Ladies with Babies.

we have a 10-month mentoring itinerary for both groups of young ladies.  If you are between the ages of  16-25 and are interested in joining either Mentoring Programs, please send an email to: info@wowomenofworth.com.

The men have been asking about attending our conferences and we never want to exclude anyone from having an encounter with the Lord.  God has laid it on my heart to include them.  Look forward to a new conference post-pandemic which will include everyone.


Pastor Denise further believes that we are more alike than we are different.  We need to reach back into our communities to help and be a beacon of light.


WOW welcomes you to join our movement and join our WOW Group on Facebook where we further encourage one another through sharing encouraging words and posts.  


WOW also encourages all ladies with children to bring your young children who may be interested or have a gift in dance to join our "Gems Dance Outreach Mentoring Program." and "Diamonds" Dance Ensemble.  Email: jewelsnabundance@gmail.com.


WOW is a movement!  We meet or teleconference every other month on the 4th Saturday of the month.  If you are interested in joining us at one of our Chat N' Chews, group sessions stay posted to this site for updates.  If you need any information about any of our services, please send an email to: info@wowomenofworth.com We look forward to you joining us!

The Team

Evangelist Patricia A. Fowler

Vice President, Jewels N' AbunDance Outreach & WOW EnCounter

Minister Valisha McFarlane

Executive Advisor Jewels N' AbunDance Outreach/WOW EnCounter

Mrs. LaTrell Watford-Yeagor

Executive Assistant Jewels N' AbunDance Outreach/WOW EnCounter

Apostle Vickie Johnson

Praise & Worship/Pageantry Leader Jewels N'AbunDance Outreach and WOW EnCounter

Elder Jean Bonds

Hospitality/Vendor Leader, Jewels N' AbunDance Outreach and WOW EnCounter

Evangelist LeAnn Peaches Williams-Hendri

Asst. Leader Praise & Worship, Jewels N' AbunDance Outreach/WOW EnCounter

Evangelist Robin C. Reeves

Outreach Coordinator Jewels N' AbunDance Outreach and WOW EnCounter

Kesha "HoneyMarie" Whitted

Youth Track Coordinator Jewels N'AbunDance Outreach and WOW EnCounter

Brittany McCraw

Assistant Youth Track Coordinator Jewels N'AbunDance Outreach and WOW EnCounter

Prophet Rodney Garnett, Sr.

Men of Honor, Leader, WOW EnCounter


Meet the Awesome Team of Anointed, Gifted, and Blessed women of God who help makes all this possible.  I''m very grateful to God for these women and for the Kingdom Connection.  Let's do some great things WOW EnCounter Team!

You're Worth It!

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