Meet n' Greet

We are excited and cannot wait to greet and meet each and every one of you!  The meet and greet will start at (6 pm) on Friday, October 9-11, 2020.  Are you ready to greet and meet and embrace your Sisters & Brothers -in-Christ?  So tell all your friends!  Better yet, bring them with you.  God is doing a new thing for WOW 2020. We have a great evening planned just for you because you are worth it!

EnGaging Activities

Sisters rarely do we have enough time just to relax, let our hair down and just have a "me time" if you will.  Better yet, we are going to have a Great time with one another. So After mingling awhile this coming year 2020 with your Brothers & Sisters-in-Christ, get ready for an evening of Fun Activities that will be sure to keep you and your Brothers & Sisters-in-Christ Engaged!  You will enjoy the warm friendly atmosphere amongst one another.  Plus, it will be lots of Fun!!!!   

Spoken Word Poet & Live Choir

WOW 2016 we Laughed out Loud (LOL). WOW 2017 we gave you food for thought with an Anointed Spoken Word Poet Kim B. Miller.  She is also an author.  This sister is bad-to-the-bone with "Spoken Word."  We snapped our fingers as she engaged us with the artistry of Spoken Words, Poetry and more! Also, we had the anointed group Larry Crider & 4 His Glory who took us higher in praise!

WOW 2018 Featuring

Spoken Word/Poet

Minister Shanae M. Curtis

WOW 2018

We snapped our fingers last year and we will snap them again to a new rhythm with Spoken Word/Poet Minister Shanae M. Curtis.  You want to hear deep poetic style with words.  Don't Miss Out!

WOW 2018 Featuring

Christian Comedienne

Christina Wilson

WOW 2018 Featuring

Live Music of  Setoria Key & Band

WOW 2018

We are going to LOL some more!  Why?  Because Laughter is good for the Soul!  It's good for our bones!  Come enjoy my sister who is So-So Funny!  Beautiful Spirit.  Christian Comedienne Christina Wilson

You don't want to miss out on our Friday Night  Sisterly Meet N' Greet Kick-off!  Setting the Atmosphere with Setoria Key and Band.  They will be our Featured Musical Artist Group for the evening.  Get Ready Ladies!!!! To go Higher!!!!!